People Enslaved

People Enslaved

By “people enslaved” I imply not a lot bodily possession and bodily slavery imposed on you by others, the type of slavery that has been and sometimes nonetheless is practiced on the planet, however usually self imposed psychological slavery. You’re a slave and what’s enslaving you is the truth is you. However if you would like a scapegoat, you possibly can pin the blame on society for brainwashing you within the first place since none of what follows is hardwired or innately carved into your little gray cells.

TIME: The fundamental premise right here is that when the clock ticks, you leap. How usually do we are saying “Cannot speak now”; “I am late”; “Gotta run”; “Its kick-off time” or its time for (the assembly, catching the prepare, the feast, and so forth.). It by no means ends. Alarm clocks, the manufacturing facility siren, the referee’s whistle, your life is regulated by the clock from the second you rise up within the morning until the second you lie down at evening. You’re certainly a slave to Father Time!

MONEY: Cash shouldn’t be all the time of root of all evil. Some individuals are simply born nasty! Nonetheless, the common particular person worships the good greenback invoice (or equal), and for good cause – you keep away from getting a “go to jail” card since you possibly can pay your payments. However fairly other than the requirements – payments, the lease/mortgage, meals, clothes, warmth, schooling and medication – we are typically slaves in not simply needing, however wanting, an increasing number of and extra, and an increasing number of and extra requires an increasing number of and more cash. And thus, a serious a part of our existence and objective is to amass wealth – and that is hardly one thing that is trendy to the right here and now. It has been that method since Methuselah was a brat in diapers (and even earlier than that when you think about these Historic Egyptian tomb robbers). In case your checking account is larger than anybody else’s, effectively it is the golden rule – them who has the gold makes the principles. Be it gold or the greenback invoice, you are a slave in pursuit.

POSSESSIONS: Be it gold or the greenback invoice, you are a slave in pursuit. Why? You need issues, stuff, possessions. You get bragging rights in case your (fill within the clean) is larger, dearer, and/or bigger in amount, than that of your friends. You’re a slave to acquiring stuff method above and past the fundamental requirements for all kinds of psychological causes. As an alternative of the applying of “sufficient is sufficient”, you let the idea of “store until you drop” rule your psychological roost.

FADS & FASHIONS – THE LATEST MUST-HAVES: You’re blitzed with tons of of adverts per day, in print, on TV, on the radio, on the Web, even non-promotional ‘adverts’ within the type of information tales, articles, and so forth. that be aware and log traits in society. You’re informed, by way of these adverts and ‘adverts’ what’s sizzling and what’s not. What is the newest model in girls footwear? What are the newest in-colours? Must you get carpet or tiles? What is the latest kitchen gadget? What is the latest toy? What’s all the newest rage in laptops? What is the hottest new TV present both on TV or on DVD? The listing of fads and fashions that you simply MUST HAVE are as prolonged as a phone e book! From the hula hoop to the whitewall tire; from the microwave to the convertible; from the espresso coffeemaker to the miniskirt (or hotpants); now what is the newest bestseller in books? Who’s the newest artist with a prime ten hit? After all multi-millions half with their $$$ all in pursuit of proudly owning the newest MUST HAVE – really it is MUST HAVES, tons of of MUST HAVES. And so we’re slaves to Madison Avenue and equivalents across the county and world wide. And it should work. The adverts have enslaved us (although the buck stops with you) in any other case there’d be no new fads and MUST HAVE fashions. However after all at present’s MUST HAVE is subsequent week’s BORING, to get replaced after all with a more recent model of MUST HAVES! It by no means ends.

MARKETING: Even in the event you apparently don’t need pointless possessions and do not partake of the newest fads and fashions, there’s an entire advertising enterprise on the market designed to make you rethink and dance to their tune; seize you by the privates and make your coronary heart, thoughts and pockets observe to the beat of their drum. You are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. There are quite a few ploys or tips into making you cough up your cash, usually slogans and buzz phrases. See in the event you acknowledge a number of: “Final likelihood”; “By no means to be repeated”; “Our ache is your acquire”; “Beneath price”; “No further price to you”; “Hurry, final days”; “On sale”; “Unique to”; “Restricted supply”; “Restricted version”; “As soon as in a lifetime supply”; “Sale ends…”; “Restricted time solely”; “Purchase two get one free”, and tons of extra buzz phrases. There are various variations on the theme. I imply the sort of technique works; in any other case the technique would have been deserted eons in the past. You might suppose you are immune, however the odds are your enslaved simply the identical.

APPEARANCES: If there ever was an obsession, that is it. From time immemorial, anybody and everybody has been a slave to how they seem to anybody and everybody else. However in the event you cease and give it some thought, what counts is the true you, what you symbolize; your traits; your character. The way you gown, your coiffure, your make-up, your adornments, your home, your automotive; your social smarts and etiquette are actually irrelevant. For those who go to work in a sensible swimsuit and tie, or in your birthday swimsuit, neither has something no matter to do with how competent you’re to do the job you’re paid to do. A Nobel Prize winner remains to be a Nobel Prize winner even when he performs the bongo drums, likes to go to strip golf equipment, womanise, and lists safecracking as a pastime! With out naming names, the late Nobel Prize successful theoretical quantum physicist Richard P. Feynman’s e book “What Do You Care What Different Folks Suppose?” ought to sum up the idea that superficial appearances are simply that – superficial. Would you sooner go down in historical past as a handy guide a rough dresser with no hair misplaced, or as an Einstein, infamous for having a relatively poor sense of adornments or gown sense?

LIFESTYLE: You possibly can settle for the truth that some individuals are higher athletes than you; some individuals are smarter than you; some individuals are higher at management than you. However you in all probability can’t settle for that some individuals have, and need to have, a greater life-style than you.

People continuously examine themselves to others. It is arduous to not when the approach to life of others, particularly the wealthy and well-known, are thrust in our faces by all method of the way and means; from high quality information sources to the tabloids. And very like the customarily synthetic need for stuff, to have the newest gadget, to be engaging to the remainder of the world, so too can we domesticate in our thoughts’s eye an idealistic life-style that we are able to attempt for, however by no means obtain, since we preserve elevating the bar as a result of another person’s bar is above ours. It doesn’t matter what your life-style stage is, you realize somebody who has a greater life-style, and since you’re feeling you’re their equal (or in all probability their higher) you purchase an angle “I deserve.”

Two factors: somebody must be ‘prime canine’, and that ‘prime canine’ is relative. ‘Prime canine’ might imply wealth; it might imply well being; it might imply schooling, it might be fame; it might be achievement, it might imply plenty of issues, but it surely’s not going to the entire above concurrently. So, you must pick-and-choose what life-style means to you. However no matter standards you select to pursue, after all another person could have already scaled that Mount Everest. Quite than settle for your home in life as considerably under the summit, you usually change into enslaved to succeed in the summit too. After all with plenty of individuals needing the identical, that summit in principle might get awfully crowded, and as everyone knows from childhood, there can solely be one “king of the mountain” at ay one time. That truth nevertheless by no means appears to cut back your enslavement to climb, ever climb and knock that different bastard off their perch!

TRADITIONS & HABITS: Extra probably as not, you are a slave to numerous traditions and private habits. You would possibly say one thing like “that is the best way my mother and father did it; that is the best way their mother and father did it and their mother and father earlier than them and way back to you care to go – it is custom and we observe custom and no correspondence can be entered into on the matter!” Or, it is such-and-such a time; such-and-such a day or date, due to this fact such-and-such can be accomplished or noticed. Sound barely acquainted? We’re usually creatures of, slaves to, custom and habits with out ever stopping to query “why”?

CHRISTMAS: Christmas simply must be singled out particularly from the remainder of the e book of days as a result of it is on the excessive finish of our quite a few traditions and habits. By any method you care to measure issues, Xmas may be the most effective of instances but it surely’s normally the worst of instances (conveniently forgotten one 12 months on). The Xmas propaganda (i.e. – the Xmas Season) begins months earlier than the appointed date and is relentless in its build-up and depth. It extends a number of weeks previous the use-by date when the Xmas wrapping paper and Xmas playing cards are actually 50% off, and people publish Xmas gross sales the place you are tempted to by subsequent years Xmas presents now. After which the Xmas payments arrive simply to remind you about all these enjoyable instances you had over the previous a number of months.

Do you do Xmas since you wish to, or as a result of society has so shoved this idea down your throat ever because you had been knee excessive to a cockroach that you simply now simply undergo the motions by rote as a result of you’ve got to appease that nice deity referred to as “Store Until You Drop”? Translated, do you do Xmas simply because it is anticipated of you? The latter you admit? I believed so. I imply what sane particular person voluntarily needs to max out their bank cards for presents for others who in all probability do not want or need them and can simply shove them in the direction of the again of their closet? What sane particular person voluntarily spends hours in crowded shops only for the pleasure or satisfaction of maxing out their bank cards on behalf of others? There’s hardly a retailer you possibly can store in that is not loaded to the rafters with Xmas trimmings. What sane particular person would voluntarily, laughing all the best way (Ho, Ho, Ho), spend hours writing and addressing Xmas playing cards to individuals they actually do not give a rattling about? And is not it simply jolly good enjoyable wrapping up all these presents? Do you actually stay up for listening to all these Xmas songs for the millionth time? There’s hardly a store on the town (to not point out buskers) that does not bombard you with infinite repetitions of Xmas music. How the workers can stand it’s fairly past me.

I am positive you simply love being uncovered to Xmas spin multi-thousands of instances per Xmas Season and never simply the repetitious music and endlessly studying the phrase “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” however these endlessly repeating Xmas photographs and Xmas colors. It hardly qualifies as delicate or subliminal – you are clobbered over the top and also you like it – “concentrate silly, it is time to do your Xmas bit or else there is no Santa for you!” Now this is not some nationwide emergency as in “Uncle Sam Wants You!”, relatively the Chief Government Officers of the retail sector want you, particularly if they’re to get their Xmas bonuses!

And what about slaving over the kitchen range making ready that particular Xmas meal for all these family members you’d actually relatively poison? Talking of Xmas dinner, why not attempt one thing completely different for a change, like pizza, spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, rooster pot pie and even sirloin steak. Fish & chips would make a pleasant change too! No? It must be ham or turkey and plum pudding / mince pies / Xmas fruit cake in line with somebody’s (whose lengthy since useless) custom. Truly it isn’t your fault. That is the Xmas dinner fare that the grocery store catalogues and retailer shows function, in LARGE PRINT, that twist your arm and in a fashion of talking find yourself shoving this must-have-because-it’s-traditional Xmas fare down your throat; this time actually! Boring! Usual fare! No creativeness! So, being an impartial minded SOB, its fish & chips for Xmas dinner for me (and no leftovers both).

So why do you do it, 12 months after 12 months after 12 months? As a result of society says it is that point of 12 months to check your ‘proper stuff’, to see in case your coronary heart (and sanity) can stand the stress yet one more 12 months. Society says you snap to consideration at Xmas and also you reply, by way of your pockets, “Sure sir! I’ll sir. Thanks sir”! Society says you’ll run the annual Xmas impediment course, and run it you do, and are not you happy with your self, huffing & puffing, whenever you cross the end line. So, in the event you do Xmas for any cause apart from since you wish to, you actually actually and really wish to, you then’re enslaved, hook, line and Xmas sinker.

Fairly other than the business points, you are enslaved to Xmas in the event you do Xmas for non secular causes since you’re nonetheless being led up the backyard path by the nostril. Why? It is since you’re celebrating Xmas for the unsuitable ‘non secular’ cause. Xmas is all a few pure rebirth, not a few supernatural beginning. The latter, the alleged beginning of a Christ, was superimposed by the Christian church over the true pagan cause for celebration across the late December interval. That authentic celebration centred on the return of lengthening daylight after the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter solstice. Subsequently, celebrating Xmas because the beginning of Christ shouldn’t be solely incorrect, however irrational in that the date of Christ’s beginning is not know by anybody. And celebrating Xmas for any cause within the Southern Hemisphere is ludicrous for both of the above potentialities. You have all been suckered but once more.

TECHNOLOGY: We’re enslaved to our know-how fixes, and to these repairmen and their extravagant payments who repair our fixes when these fixes want fixing. I imply when the TV goes on the blink; when the arduous drive crashes, the fridge conks out, even when there is a energy failure, effectively we could not panic, however we get a tad near it. We have all seen these quasi end-of-the-world motion pictures the place the few survivors should rebuild civilization from scratch with out all these trendy technological conveniences like gasoline and electrical energy, and it isn’t straightforward. May you survive with out supermarkets and outfitters or trendy {hardware} retailers? Would you want the duty of separating an adolescent from her Twitter or Fb? Online game habit is well-known. The commuter who has to, shock horror, take the bus as a result of the automotive broke down is NOT a cheerful camper. So what bits of know-how are you enslaved to, and who pressured you to undertake these bits within the first place?

AUTHORITY: I have never acquired my invoice – I am not at fault but if I do not do one thing the powers-that-be are positive to chop off my (fill within the clean) for non-payment. Do you ever end up in that form of state of affairs? The onus is all the time on you to rectify issues even whenever you’re completely harmless of any wrongdoing. I’ve discovered myself, normally a number of instances a 12 months, having to chase up objects which might outcome, if I fail to take action, in some bureaucratic authority determine come crashing down on me although I am not at fault of any wrongdoing. That is enslavement. We’re enslaved to a different deity – the good god of forms. We have all had experiences akin to banging our heads in opposition to a bureaucratic stone wall. It is all the time the unusual one that has to show, out of concern of some authority, that it was the system at fault, and since when does any authority determine admit that the bureaucratic system to which they’re part of is flawed? The unusual particular person is responsible until confirmed harmless; it is by no means the fault of the system.

POWER: Energy could not all the time corrupt and absolute energy could not all the time corrupt completely, however we have a tendency to hunt energy; we’re all slaves to in search of energy and all slaves to preserving what energy we’ve got. It might be very native just like the husband who beats the spouse who in flip screams on the eldest child, to the older brother who was screamed at now in flip bullying his youthful sibling, to that brat kicking the canine, who then chases the cat. I suppose it stops with the cat. After all it is likely to be energy on the workplace – all the time in search of promotion so that you’ve extra individuals beneath your command/supervision. It is likely to be in search of political energy, from native mayor to prime minister. However all of us really feel good having somebody, or one thing, we’ve got energy over.

LEAVING YOUR MARK – LEGACY & POSTERITY: You do not have to go away any bodily document of your self behind, not even a carved tombstone, however you are a slave to no matter inside drive compels you to take action. Folks are typically obsessed (a type of psychological slavery) with being seen, even after demise and even when solely anonymously. There’s structure, from the pyramids to Stonehenge to trendy skyscrapers and homes. There’s graffiti (not a contemporary phenomenon). There’s creative works from hieroglyphs and cave artwork and petroglyphs to all the varied arts and crafts we’ve got at present in addition to those who kind a part of our cultural legacy. The upshot is that in the long run, whereas most attempt, few succeed. What number of of these tons of of 1000’s of Historic Greeks are remembered at present, but in all probability practically all sought some form of long-term legacy.

HOBBIES: Hobbies are any devoted exercise not usually associated to day-to-day survival, normally, however not all the time involving amassing issues. For those who began to listing now the varied hobbies engaged in by peoples world wide, previous and current, you’d in all probability nonetheless be jotting all of them down this time subsequent 12 months! The crucial level is that every one too usually the pastime controls you and never the opposite method round. A lot of your whole existence and objective revolves round your private pastime obsession. It is that transition from fan to fanatic that marks you as enslaved.

RECREATIONAL DRUGS: Capsules, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, magic mushrooms and different ‘good’ stuff, and so forth. Do you management them or do they management you?

CONCLUSION: Not the entire above will apply to all people on a regular basis, however one thing(s) will apply to most individuals at the least a number of the time. If any of the above is related, if the shoe matches, effectively, put on it and admit that you must some extent or different enslaved your self.

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